Factors Responsible For Loose Motion During Pregnancy

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Loose motion during pregnancy can be terrifying. As you are pregnant, you are worried about your child.


Regular bowel movements or loose and watery stools are the early signs that you are having active diarrhea.


If you face more than 3 times loose bowel movement in a day then you are having diarrhea.


Illness is also an active tendency in pregnant women as the extra water goes directly into the amniotic sac of the fetus.


One of the other factors may be hormonal changes due to which pregnant women face loose motion during pregnancy.


But loose motion during pregnancy not at all has any relation to hormonal imbalance neither does it indicate anything.


Loose motion is usually caused due to some external factors like having improper diet and stomach infection.


Too much diarrhea is dangerous as it can lead to increased dehydration during pregnancy. This can have the general negative impact on both the mother and the developing fetus.


You should always know the reasons behind loose motion so that you can avoid them and better to taDiarrheake precautions.



Main Factors Responsible For Loose Motion During Pregnancy


Dietary Alterations:


Many women vary their diet when they find that they are pregnant. This sudden change in food intake can affect the internal digestive process.

My advice to you is not to suddenly change your diet. Gradually, adapt to a healthy diet and prepare your body for motherhood.



Hormonal Changes:


During pregnancy, the hormones produced by the body slow down the digestive function. This helps your developing embryo by extracting nutrients from your diet more efficiently. However, this delay causes problems like constipation. On the other hand, if hormones accelerate the digestive system, they can cause diarrhea.



New Food Sensitivities:


Sensitivity to food is one of the reasons that can cause indigestion during pregnancy. Foods that have never bothered you before pregnancy can now cause gastroenteritis.



Increased Water Intake:


The doctor may advise you to drink excess water to avoid the accumulation of waste in the digestive tract. This can cause diarrhea until the colon is clean.



Antenatal Vitamins:


Prenatal vitamins are not only good for your health, but also for your baby’s growth. But sometimes these vitamins can cause a digestive change and alter the stomach and cause diarrhea.



Food Poisoning:


Consumption of adulterated food abroad can cause stomach upset and prolonged relapse. This is a cause of great concern and should be checked immediately by the doctor.





Sudden attacks by viruses can also weaken your immunity to fight a disease. As a result, it can cause various stomach problems and severe persistent diarrhea.





As work approaches, diarrhea becomes more active. This can be an indication of the work.

But diarrhea does not always indicate that your work is knocking on the door and should be very important most of the time.

Some women may not even have this experience and others will. This experience always varies from person to person.




As all these above-written all the factors responsible for loose motion during pregnancy but taking proper care of urself through correct diet and medicines you can actully reduce these factors.

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