5 Essential Health Check After Age of 35



There are so many tests that we all do from our childhood. This test includes Blood tests, Vitamin tests, Eye tests, etc. Once these are done, we all sit back and think that all we must do is follow a healthy lifestyle and diet to stay fit. This can prove detrimental. One should be done regularly health check after the age of 35 years. Let us look at a few important ones.


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Health Check After Age of 35



Here is the list of important Health Check After Age of 35:


1. Lipid Profile:


Lipid Profile is an important test for obese if you are overweight or have a family history of heart disease or cholesterol. Lipids profile is one of the most important molecules which were found in the blood and are stored inside the tissues. these tissues play a vital role in the body to function in the right way. Lipid is also known as cholesterol. Men, who are aged 35 years should have their Lipid Profile Test done when a woman should get the test done by the age of 45 years. this test is done to evaluate the numbers of different types of lipids in the body(good and bad).


2. HbA1c Levels:


This test is done to know your risk associated with diabetes, even if you are a healthy person. If the number of results found abnormal, then certain changes in your lifestyle, as well as diet, can help you to prevent the same. Normal values of HbA1c are less than 5.4. It is recommended that Hba1c should be done after 12 weeks. If you have a family history of diabetes then you are at the risk of it, this is of utmost importance.


HbA1c level test can be done anytime during the day, there is no fasting required for this test. In recent years, the HbA1c test has become one of the most preferred tests for screening and diagnosis of diabetes. it is one of the important health checks after the age of 35.


3. Thyroid Function:


Thyroid function test is used to determine the condition of the thyroid gland. This test is recommended if the individual has a functioning problem in her thyroid gland. The frequency of thyroid function test depends on the treatment one is undergoing. This test became essential for females who are dealing with an unexplained weight gain or loss, irregular menses; and should be done after 12 hours of fasting.


At the starting, the doctors will check your Thyroid levels through test T3, T3RU, T4, and TSH. The medication is altered according to the medical status and once the thyroid levels come in the normal range it can be retested once in a year.



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4. Complete Blood Count (CBC):


This complete blood count test measures the cells that make up the blood, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Every person should go for this test at least once a year. It is frequently used as a broad screening test to check the disorders like anemia, infection, and many other diseases. It is the most common test to diagnose the subtypes of anemia.


This test is done after 10-12 hours of fasting. For males, the normal value is 14-16 mg/dl and for females, the normal values are 12-14mg/dl. Also, abnormal White Blood Cells and Platelets count can be known from this simple test.


5. Vitamin D & B 12 levels:


Vitamin D & B 12 levels are vital for the functioning of the body and the brain, blood cell production and proper functioning of the nerves.


This test is used to check the amount of B12 in your blood. Low levels of vitamin B-12 can cause long-term damage by impacting your brain and nerves. A doctor may suggest this test when an individual has the following signs like tingling in the hands and feet, racing heartbeats, problems with body balance, confusion, Dementia, weakness, loss of appetite, which are very common deficiencies especially in urban population and can be easily treated by supplements





Well, we have discussed the 5 essential health checks after the age of 35. Every individual should go for these tests without any fail. It will help the one to maintain your health and early diagnosis of any disease.


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