World Hearing Day 2019: Prepare For It

World Hearing Day is celebrated every year on the 3rd March as global hearing awareness day, under the support of the world health organization (WHO), as well as other related healthcare organizations.


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This day is celebrated with an aim to have a mass people attention, spreading awareness towards the importance of global health. World Health Day was first celebrated worldwide in 2007 by the International ear care day.


There are a lot of varieties of events related to the particular theme are made on the international and national level by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Communicating with a Hearing-Impaired Person:


Communicate with someone who has a hearing loss is not that difficult. Here, are some tips for communicating more easily and effectively with someone who has a hearing loss:


1. First, gain their attention contact the person directly and, whenever possible, remain at the same eye level. Missing the beginning of the message can make understanding very difficult.


2. Speak clearly, there is no need to speak loudly.


3. Make sure you keep your hands away from your face. Give the listener every chance to see your full face.


4. Reduce background noise comparatively, quiet listening conditions are recommended because this provides the best-possible voice reception and allows the listener to use any visual cues that may need to assist speech understanding.


5. Make sure that light is not shining in the listener’s eyes.


6. If you’re not making yourself understood, find a different way of saying the same thing.


7. Be aware that the listener may have difficulty understanding speech, even with a hearing aid. Some hearing-impaired people have more difficulty following a conversation than others.


Communication is a two-way process. Both the listener and the speaker should take responsibility for clear communication.


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What Does World Hearing Day Mean?


On World Hearing Day 2019, the World Health Organization seeks to draw attention to the importance of early identification and intervention for hearing loss. Most of the people live with unidentified hearing loss, often failing to realize that they are missing out on certain sounds and words. Checking one’s hearing is the first step towards addressing the issue.


1. All people should check their hearing from time to time, especially those who are at a higher risk of hearing loss such as adults above 50 years, those working in noisy places, those listening to music at high volumes for long periods of time and those experiencing ear problems.


2. Services for early identification and intervention should be made available through the health system.


Eight Facts about Hearing Loss you Should Know:


Fact 1

There are around 360 million people with disabling hearing loss.


Fact 2

Thirty-two million children have disabling hearing loss.


Fact 3

Chronic ear infections are the leading cause of hearing loss.


Fact 4

Noise is a major avoidable cause of hearing loss.


Fact 5

People with hearing loss can benefit from devices like – hearing aids and cochlear implants.


Fact 6

Sign language and captioning services facilitate communication with people who are deaf and hard of hearing.


Fact 7

Sixty percent of childhood hearing loss is preventable through public health actions.


Fact 8

Nearly one in every three people over 65 years are affected by disabling hearing loss.


What Can You do on World Hearing Day?


Communication is a basic human right. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, communication difficulties and disorders are not recognized as a disability. By signing the pledge, you help bring attention to persons with communication disorders (like hearing loss) and the professional care which can help them.


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