First Drug Approved For Most Common Inherited Kidney Disease

Saran Gill

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USA Food and Drug Administration has approved the first drug to reduce kidney decline in patients with the most common hereditary kidney disease.


Jynarque (jihn-AR’-kew) from the Japanese company Otsuka Pharmaceutical was confirmed on Tuesday for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.


The progressive genetic disorder is the fourth leading cause of kidney failure. It causes cysts full of fluid that develop and damage the kidneys.


The FDA refused to approve it in 2013, but approved it after the drug maker completed an additional study. This one-year study of 1,370 patients with advanced disease showed that the decrease in kidney decline on average by 35% compared to counterfeit pills.


Otsuka says the drug, also known as tolvaptan, will cost $ 13,041 a month without insurance.

Jynarch can cause serious and even fatal liver damage, excessive urination and other side effects.

Do You Know Chocolate Increases Risk of Kidney Stone

Do You Know Chocolate Increases Risk of Kidney Stone


According to a research conducted by the University of Maryland Medical Center which reveals that dark chocolate contains some oxalates in it that promotes the increase in the risk of kidney stone.

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