Expert Tips For Safe and Healthy Holi By Dr. Amit Sachdeva

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While playing Holi, you need to be very careful about your health because Holi is a very enjoyable festival and we should enjoy it with the right spirit but at the same time we need to take care about health. Dr. Amit Sachdeva is a successful Diabetologist in Noida. Here are some expert tips for safe and healthy holi by Dr. Amit Sachdeva to celebrate safe and healthy Holi.


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Skin And Hair Care While Playing Holi:


1. What do I need to do to take care of my eyes, Skin, and hair while playing Holi?


Regarding skin, what you need to know is that most of the colors which are available in the market are artificial colors which are made from the different industrial dyes, sulfur lead, and other crushed glass. So you should try to avoid these colors and try to use an organic or herbal color which is safer for the skin.

One more thing you need to keep in your mind is that apply a thick layer of moisturizer or any good oil to protect your skin so that color doesn’t leave a major impact on your skin.

For hair, you should apply oil on it and tie it properly, so that you can protect your hair from the color.

Regarding eyes, you should try to wear sunglasses to avoid such spontaneous water things as well as the other chemical reaction.


Holi Care Tips For Diabetics:


2. If I am a diabetic person, what precaution I need to take while eating festive foods?


Holi is a nice festival and we should enjoy it, but when it comes to a diabetic patient then one should be more cautious because being a diabetic patient have a less immunity as compared to the other people. So, you should choose herbal color instead of industry-based chemical color.


There are lots of sweet option available in Holi, but you try to avoid those. Or else you should go for lesser calories sweet or sugar-free sweets which are available in the market that you can take or at the same time if you are taking a ghujiya which is having 100 calories so you can cut off one chapati or roti to compensate your calories. And at the same time, you can take other options like dry fruit to enjoy Holi rather than oily and sugar contained food.


Holi Care Tips For Kids:


3. What do I need to take care before sending my kids out for playing Holi?


Yes, Holi is the festival that everyone should enjoy, we all enjoyed Holi a lot as we were a kid, so definitely send your kids outside to play Holi but at the same time you need to take some precaution that Holi should not bring you unpleasant kind of condition. To avoid that, try to cover your kid with clothes as much as possible. Apply moisturizing lotion or oil to the exposed portion of the body to protect from color.


Holi Care Tips For Pregnant Women:


4. What are the safety tips for asthma patient in Holi?


For Asthma patient it is very important to take care because it might be a situation that can impact their health. There is some precaution that asthma patient needs to take care of. For asthma patient, they should try to avoid dry color like gulal, and they can use some wet color to play Holi. Due to asthma, their immune system is weaker as compared to others so they can take some zink which can help to boost the immune system in the festive season.


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Holi Care Tips For Asthma Patient:


5. If I am pregnant, what I need to take care before celebrating Holi?


Pregnant women again should take care of their health and try to use herbal or organic colors and avoid these chemical based color which can harm you.

If you are having gestational diabetes (GDM) then you should avoid sweet items as much as possible and you can take dry fruits.

The pregnant women should not stuff too much, try to not go outside for Holi parties instead of this, invite your friends at your home. It would be safer for you and try to play safe Holi.


Holi Care Tips For Stomach Patient:


6. A lot of stomach problem arrive during the time of Holi, how can I avoid these problems?


Yes, lots of stomach problem arrive in Holi, due to available sweets in the market which are made from artificial sweetener which is not good for health, try to avoid those sweets. Do not overstuff yourself because it can create stomach problem. Don’ t use bhang and try to eat homemade ghujiya and also use healthy foods to maintain good health.


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